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We specialized in Ring, Belt, Roller Conveyor .We have Equipped with automated production line .So we can provide product quikly and cheaper. 


1.Lineshaft Powered Roller Conveyor  

- The most versatile and economical pewerd conveyor available

2.Motorised Roller Conveyor (Zero Line Pressure) 

- A low maintenance low energy conveyor due to minimum moving parts

3.Belt Conveyor

For careful and extremley low noise conveying 

4.Gravity Conveyor 

-The most cost-effective conveying solution 

5.Belt Under Roller Conveyor 

-Can achieve exceptionally high speeds and through put rates 

6.Flexible conveyor 

-For increased efficiency in loose loading and unloading of vehicles 




   If you are interested in our products, we would be happy to send you our business terms by e-mail. Any other information you require will be provided upon request.

And You can see more information in our web-site. 

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all kinds of conveyor

all kinds of conveyor

all kinds of conveyor